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"I want our customers to love our systems to the extent that there are no other alternatives. I want them to be our passionate fans"

Daniel Liljebladh

A few times a year, we sit down with some of our most valuable customers.

FordonsData’s focus group serves as an important part of our product development. This dedicated group provides us with valuable insight and knowledge about the industry and future system requirements plus know-how from a user’s perspective, which helps us to plan better and coordinate the development of our systems.


The group consists of people from both importers and end users, together with other industry professionals.

Implementing Kobra II.

Whether you are starting a new company, merging with another or leaving your current system for Kobra II, the new system has to be rigged with data and prepared for your requirements.
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Our work with Kobra II is an ongoing process.

Every year, we receive requests or ideas from our Kobra II users, on improvements that can make day-to-day life easier.
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