Bilkalkyl is a stand-alone sales support software that helps car dealers with all tasks related to the sale of a vehicle, including equipment and accessories, from initial enquiry to actual sale including final invoice.

Bilkalkyl helps you with your offer and required documentation, provides financing options for the customer and lists of relevant accessories and other add-ons at hand.

The software also supports your day-to-day work, using “to do” lists and reminders. You get a clear overview of the margin of a deal and how you are progressing financially in relation to your economic sales goals.

As a sales manager, you can monitor the team’s efforts and results, with real-time statistics on sales performance.
Bilkalkyl can be used as a stand-alone system, without integrations to a DMS.

Obviously we recommend an integration to Kobra II, because it is bidirectional and  by far better than integrations to other DMS.