Our journey started in 1991 when Kaj Liljebladh founded FordonsData.

In reality, our story began already in the late 80s, when the idea for the system Kobra II was born.
Philipson, an importer of Mercedes and Nissan, needed a dealer management system for their dealers in Sweden. On their requirement list was an integrated system with connections between dealer and importer, with automated updates and transactions. This was a unique request at the time, since there was nothing like this on the market back in the late 80s.

On the 13th December in 1987, Philipson signed an agreement with Nimbus Evident, an IT-company where Kaj worked as a partner. A few years later, Nimbus Evident decided they wanted to concentrate on their core business, and Kobra II was not on their list. Kaj Liljebladh, who was an experienced salesman, saw something that the others did not, and took Kobra II under his wing. He founded FordonsData and here we are now!

Our birthplace is Helsingborg, a coastal city in the south of Sweden, where both Kaj and Kobra II were born.

In the 90's, we moved our headquarters to Arlöv, near the city of Malmoe, where we stayed until 2014. In December of the same year, we moved into Tetra Pak's former headquarters in the city of Lund with its university, business hub and talented software developers.