Implementing Kobra II

Starting a new DMS often means leaving an existing system, and the need to convert your data to the new DMS. Whether you are starting a new company, merging with another or leaving your current system for Kobra II, the new system has to be rigged with data and prepared for your requirements.


A new installation of Kobra II always begins with discussions with your team, your importer and existing suppliers, as we move through the technical requirements for the installation to ensure a smooth transition. Throughout the project, we also have regular meetings with your company to ensure that we are right on track. You get your own personal project manager, who in his/her turn has a dedicated team of consultants, developers and technicians working with your project. During the project, we do a thorough research into how you use your current system. That helps us to prepare Kobra II, to fit your business. FordonsData performs about twenty Kobra II implementations a year, which means our team have plenty of know-how to bring into new projects.

Time to start

Once everything is in place, it’s time to implement Kobra II for your company. This is usually done at the turn of the month, to make things easier for the Accounts Department. During the start-up, we are on location with our consultants to assist and coach you during the first days – everything to ensure a good start!

The last piece of the implementation-process is the so called delivery acceptance, where one of our consultants visits your company to confirm that everything is working as it should. With that final approval, the project is completed and you are now officially up and running.