Kobra II is the most complete DMS for the Swedish automotive retail industry.

Today, different systems used by automotive retailers, need to be able to communicate with one another. One of the major advantages of Kobra II is our unique brand integration. We work with virtually every car brand on the Swedish market, except for Volvo and VW.

Partnerships and integrations with other solution providers in the industry, benefit and complement our Kobra II. We also have integrations with other vehicle systems and subcontractors such as the Swedish Transportation Board and loan institutes.

Kobra II has a whole range of extra modules and add-ons, when you need them.

Being modular, Kobra II is suitable for both small and large car retailers and garages. You get a flexible system that can be adjusted to fit your company and your business.

Bilkalkyl is a stand-alone sales support software that helps the salesperson with everything related to the sale of a car, from initial enquiry to the actual sale.

Bilkalkyl helps you with your offer and required documentation, provides financing options for the customer, lists of relevant accessories and other add-ons at hand. The software also supports your day-to-day work, using “to do” lists and reminders. You get a clear overview of what you make on a deal and how you are progressing in relation to your sales goals.

As a sales manager, you can monitor the team’s efforts and results, with real-time statistics on sales performance.

Bilkalkyl can be used independently or integrated with Kobra II or any other Dealer Management System.Som försäljningsansvarig kan du få fram statistik på hur dina säljare presterat i ett tydligt diagram.

Bilkalkyl kan integreras med Kobra II Fordonssystem eller något annat av branschens affärssystem eller DMS (Dealer Management System).

We provide customer support, training courses and individual consultation.

It is important to us, that you always have someone to turn to, whether you need new development or hands-on assistance.

One stop shop, if you like.

We do not only provide you with Kobra II or Bilkalkyl. If you like, we can store your system and data on our servers. Through us, you get access to your own IT-environment with email, various applications like Microsoft Office, sales support systems, brand applications such as CABAS and other similar systems for the industry.

We manage backups, software updates, virus protection etc.